CLASS S.p.A., with operational excellence in outsourcing warehouse management, is a company belonging to the FBH Group and was created to solve the on-going and growing practical needs of the modern entrepreneur. We believe in a LEAN approach to outsourcing, reducing operational and subcontracting distances that generate supplementary costs; this approach has become a true Core Competence that is recognizable, and it is capable of creating satisfying, long-term relationships with our clients and of growing in a sustainable but continuous way.

Even during these critical years, CLASS, made strong from unmistakable “dynamic solidarity”, has known how to seize market opportunities.
In more than 20 years of business, CLASS has consolidated its reputation and original convictions: teamwork, strong motivation, the development of human potential, soft skills acquired and the continual pursuit of quality in every aspect and every operational phase constitute the guarantee to measure success in its segment of the market.

The promotion of human resources coupled with the right stimuli that motivate development and professionalism, high quality standard, clear definition of service levels (KPI) and constant monitoring of all activities are essential for the excellence that CLASS desires to express.
In order to do so, CLASS adopts the most modern technologies, certain that a continual update is functional in order to supply the clientele with instruments that measure the consistently cutting-edge performance.

The scrupulous observance of legislation regarding workplace security for company employees, continuous training and refresher courses are one of the distinctive marks of CLASS: invest in Security and Quality.