Class spa gestione magazzini outsourcing servizi


The management is customizable and configurable in every way in order to optimize costs.


We manage more and more warehouses, and we have gained a lot of experience.


Thirty years of experience in warehouse management and all that goes with it has allowed us to learn and quickly identify the client’s needs and to propose solutions with a range of highly personalized services that can be modulated and ranges from analyses and layout planning of warehouses and/or operational flow up to the daily operational management. This permits the client to concentrate on its own core-business without wasting time and resources in specialized activities that do not make up part of its primary focus.

Class can transform you fixed costs into variable costs that are always able to be monitored and have the greatest possible flexibility: from the transport of goods of each single sub-process (unloading vehicles in arrival, stocking, picking (RF, Voice, etc.), departure and loading of motor vehicles). All of this with the maximum expertise and the most widely used IT applications for warehouses, like WMS, TMS and ERP.

We strongly desire to present ourselves to the Client not only as passive third parties but as true proactive partners that, alongside the customer, makes experience and professionalism available so that the best solutions and can be identified and the processes and resources can be optimized. All of this has the goal of generating tangible savings and a real decrease in the Client’s operational costs while maintaining the quality sought-after.