Facility Management

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Multiple services in order to supply our client with a single work partner in the management of the entire warehouse.

12 services
15 services
18 services
21 services


The centralization of services in a sole manager means low costs, better control and more fluid work.

Facility Management

Class, with more than 15 years of specific experience also in this sector, is able to supply an ample and coordinated range of services: archiving, shipping offices, customer services, switchboard, portering service, security and unarmed guard, landscape maintenance, industrial and non-industrial cleaning services. CLASS integrates these services its own corporate profile. The client company has the not insignificant advantage of having a unique multi-specialist partner on the inside for operational sectors that are not strictly connected to its primary business.

Principle activities and services offered:
Landscaping and maintenance
Lawn mowing
Tree pruning
Trimming hedges and shrubs
Flowerbed maintenance
Watering plants
Cleaning up green areas
Building Services:
Posting vertical signs
Horizontal road signs and crosswalks
Minor wall repairs
Changing of locks
Changing lightbulbs
Other services:
Portering, Reception, Switchboard, Delivery
Data entry, Shipping Office
Archive Management
Cleaning of offices, outdoor areas, warehouse
Snow removal
Assembly and disassembly of furniture
Moving services