Class spa gestione magazzini outsourcing engineering


Entrusting some activities to third parties in order to concentrate on the core business and maintain a high level of technology.


A very precise and studied/thought-out ad hoc plan is necessary to optimize costs, structure, and finally, personnel.


Turnkey service is also this: help those who use CLASS to concentrate solely on their “core business”.
n the recent past, outsourcing was limited to well-defined, specific areas. Today the necessity to maintain an elevated level of technological updates and the continuous and rapid modifications of economic and market conditions generate the necessity for Companies to increase the activities entrusted to third parties.

Obviously, these processes of entrusting management to others must be correctly implemented and sustained by precise strategic corporate will, the projection of which over time generates noteworthy results as far as economic and structural efficiency and suitable skills and technologies are concerned. This criteria frees up internal resources that can be dedicated to productive aspects that are more relevant or considered more efficient for the core business.

In summary, solutions design and implementation, a continual search for the best solutions, beginning with the start-up but without interruption through the years to improve continually our performance and proactively contribute to the targets regarding efficiency and reduction of costs of our clients’ supply chain.