2020 Logistics Award

from: Assologistica press review – 8 January 2021

Class has always viewed Corporate Social Responsibility as part of a broader vision of the human being, combining the adoption of behaviours that sustainably and uniformly combine economic objectives with human and social ones. This led to its decision to create the People Development System, in which the classic management system evolves into an integral system incorporating a comprehensive view of the individual.

Top, from left: Carlo Bolis, Area Manager, Morena Leccioli, Chief Financial Officer, Angelo Piffer, Chief Executive Officer, Daniele Longo, Area Manager.
Bottom from right: Danilo Rossi, Prevention and Protection Service Manager, Adriano Dulio, Chief Operating Officer, Alberto Zanzi, HR Director, Andrea Governoli, Area Manager.



CLASS – For innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility with the PDS – People Development System.

CLASS is an in-house logistics services supplier pursuing a new concept of the company’s role. It encompasses the expectations of the company and the individuals who work with it, aware that they are the organisation’s key elements.
To achieve this goal, the company decided to create the PDS: People Development System, a system that exceeds the classic management system to combine Corporate Social Responsibility into a broader view of people strategy, adopting behaviours that sustainably and uniformly combine economic objectives with human and social ones.
The PDS became a road map that begins with protection in the workplace in terms of absolute respect for workplace rules and rights.
It began with ensuring the right to work and promoting a safe working environment for the achievement of high productivity standards with a focus on the high added value of staff development and continues with a focus on the needs of the individuals themselves, which leads to the implementation of a series of actions contributing to quality improvement, including formal and informal corporate welfare practices for the well-being of its employees.
This path turns into Corporate Social Responsibility with initiatives in favour of both the workers and the surrounding area.
Here the attention is on the complete person, in which each element that is part of and affects the individual is the cause and effect of the other, from involvement in the company’s results to the protection of their health, from respect for diversity to the promotion of the individual’s rights and the defence of their dignity.